Dear Mr SD Kamlapurkar/Team Design Sanyojaka,

It is a great pleasure to mention that we have achieved the start up of Krishnagiri plant, the work for which started just five months back.

I thank you all for the hard work and commitment that you all have put to get this project started. I still remember those days when we were sitting under a tree for almost three weeks till we could establish a site office. I also remember the day when we were committed to start the construction by 1st May and we achieved it by pouring our first foundation concrete at night in the headlight of a vehicle. All this was done to meet our commitment. We know what it takes to complete a project in such short duration. To ‘go to it’, we have ‘gone through it’.

Everyone in this team have put their best foot forward by working late at nights, working on weekends and holidays and due to this hard work only the project has got completed within such short duration.

Most importantly, the entire project is completed without a single safety incident which is a great achievement. As you see, at peak times of the project there are more than 200 people working at site both unskilled and skilled and i believe that managing them is as complex as managing a working plant.

The quality of execution has been good and this plant’s construction, the equipment installation and the overall quality of execution is at par with any of our existing PepsiCo food plants.

We have been very conscious on the overall project cost and have taken many initiatives to keep the project cost under control and still maintain the quality of execution.

Please accept my heartiest congratulations to all...!!! Your plant is now ready for the take off



Consultancy organization specialized in Design Engineering , Project management & Construction management.

  • Professionally managed organization specialized in Design Engineering & Project management..
  • Specialization in designing of ,Petrochemical , Chemical , Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages projects, Heavy Engineering projects , Automotive projects.
  • Capability in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire fighting systems & HVAC design, execution, documentation and commissioning of the projects.
  • International standards and quality control systems.
  • State of the art CAD facilities, bank of software in engineering disciplines.

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Industries Served

  • Pharmaceuticals & Health Care.
  • Chemicals & Personal Care
  • Foods & Beverages.
  • Engineering.
  • Petrochemical.
  • Offices, Housing, Guest Houses.

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Engineering Design Services as per cGMP guidelines:

  • Conceptual Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Piping & Utilities
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Fire Fighting systems
  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation
  • Effluent treatment plant
  • Compliance to accredited guidelines & Statutory guidelines

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Architecture & Structural Engineering

  • Architectural design & Space planning as per cGMP
  • Structural design engineering as per Indian Codes, IBC of USA, British Codes.
  • Detail Architectural and Working Drawings

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Project Management

  • Coordination of Agencies
  • Time Management & Schedule Control
  • Cost Control & Quantity Survey
  • Information & Documentation Control
  • Tender, Contractual & Quality Management
  • Occasional Site Inspection at predetermined intervals

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Validation Services

  • Assist to prepare the Validation Master Plan (VMP)
  • Prepare the Design / Installation/ Operation Qualification Protocol
  • Execution of the DQ/IQ/OQ Validation Protocols with Clients
  • Support Clients for establishing the Performance Qualification Protocol

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  • In house infrastructure facilities computers, printers.
  • A0 size Color plotter , Internet connectivity.
  • Company has requisite licenses like Structural Designers license, Registration for practicing Architects.

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  • Pharmaceuticals & Health Care.
  • Chemicals & Personal Care
  • Foods & Beverages.
  • Engineering.
  • Petrochemical.
  • Offices, Housing, Guest Houses.